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Add-on features

Add-on features

All websites from us are designed to grow with your business. Sometimes it really doesn’t make sense to pay for features that you don’t need. At Hbook, we make it easy to upgrade your website’s functionality as your business grows or if you decide to implement different strategies on the Internet.

Your website

Have a look at what we add-on features we can provide towards your website. If you don't see what you looking for, message us. We'll provide a solution to your needs. 

Additional email accounts

As a medium to large business you may want multiple mailboxes in order to break down your operations or to provide them to employees. We will provide you with the mailboxes you require. The storage space is between 1 GB - 3 GB. Everything can be scaled up if your business requires more.


This is the task of creating content in the form of articles in blog/newsletter sections. Management will include planning, copywriting and following white label ranking procedures. The purpose of this is to improve search engine visibility and to rank the articles in possible lead generation keywords.

Google Ads

We'll setup and manage your Ad campaign, free for 14 days. Optimisations will take place to reach your businesses goals (leads/calls/emails). Please note that the free trial is for our management services, you'll still need to pay Google for the Ad costs directly or indirectly.

Social media management

A page evaluation will be conducted first. Full management will include copyrighting, infographics and optimisations towards your posts. Please note that in order for your page to gain followers/leads. You will have to pay Facebook for the Ad costs directly or indirectly.




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