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Website purpose

Website purpose

The question you should ask yourself, why does my business need a website? What purpose or leverage can it provide to me?

The purpose of a service-based business website is to convince website visitors that they should become customers of your company. This is done by positioning the company as a dependable, trust worthy and experienced service provider in your specific target market. Scroll below to view more information on the best pratices to get the most out of your business website.

#1: Establish credibility

When you sell a service, you're typically selling a relationship with yourself or team. This requires spending more time and effort in establishing your credibility and developing a rapport with your customers. Provide the benefits of your services you're offering but also establish the value of you or your team providing it as well. This is a critical factor towards closing the sale.

There are a few different ways you can accomplish this. First, you should include a good, professional picture of yourself, team or your storefront. Next, you need to include a list of your credentials. Make sure to state exactly how each of your credentials is going to translate into a benefit for your potential clients.

You'll also need to provide evidence that other clients have been satisfied with your services. Depending on the nature of the service you provide, you may choose to do this in a few different ways. Testimonials from clients are a great start to establish your credibility. Another can be a gallery or portfolio. However, if the confidentiality of your clients is important, you may need to approach this a bit differently.

#2: Be specific about services

The first priority of your service page is for visitors get a clear idea of what you offer, with minimal effort. You have to get them to want to learn more first before they go through lines of texts. So keep the first descriptions brief and concise, yet at the same time provide enough information to convey their value. If visitors have to take the time to figure out what kinds of services you provide, they aren’t likely to take more steps after that.

This can be achieved by having a sales copy with a detailed breakdown of the services you provide. Include the benefits with this as it will be one of the most critical aspects of your site. If you don't have time to craft the best sales copy, take advantage of the copyriting add-on feature we provide. Contact us and we'll assist you.

#3: Contact information

Make sure you provide us with all your contact details. We'll provide you with an online form and pinpoint your store on Google Maps if required. Your e-mail address, phone number and physical address are usually the most seeked out information from an interested individual. If you use WhatsApp/WhatsApp business or any social media platform. Provide this information as well. We will make sure this information is highly visible and easily accessible from every page of your site.

#4: Advertise

If you get the most out of your business through networking and personal connections. Encourage referrals and repeat customers. Always, follow up with existing clients. Is there anything else you can do for them? Do they know anyone else who might benefit from your service? A business e-mail has made following up with your existing clients extremely easy and cost-effective. Add a personal touch with your follow ups with a digital flyer attached (we provide this for free).

If you want to get leads online using your website as the workhorse. Your best options are Facebook, Indeed or Google advertising. However, you'll have to review your business to figure out where would work best. We can do this for you by managing the advert and optimising it for a higher sucess rate. Have a look at our add-on features under advertising. View add-on features.

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